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Smarter, cheaper.

Finally, you can stop paying a fortune for outdated media channels and spend your budget better. Solutions for big and small brands alike.

No Product Fees

Whether you have 3 products, or 3 million products, you can upload your entire product catalogue for free.

Get Started Right Away

Simply register via the button above, and you can start promoting your products in minutes.

It’s Free to Upload Products

Unlimited Products

That’s right, there’s no limit. Upload your entire product catalogue and showcase your products right away.

Product Upgrades

Send your products to the top of the queue with product upgrades. Bigger photos, bigger logos, bigger sales.

Designers workflow

Integrated with Designers’ Workflow

You’ll be notified instantly when designers engage with your products through schedules, moodboards and quote requests, so your sales team knows who to contact first.

Make it Easy for Your Clients

Designers can send quotes to every supplier in their schedule in just a few clicks. Make it easy for them and ensure your products are on Programa.

Detailed Analytics

Live Data

You’ll be able to see more data than you’ve ever had access to before, allowing you to optimise your products and make decisions easily.

Advertising Accountability

No more guessing what advertising works, and what doesn’t.

Your New Sales Hub

Affordable Advertising

Stop spending thousands of dollars on outdated media channels. Put your products in front of the right people, at the right time.

Quoting & CRM

Our new CRM and quoting platform will connect your with your clients, and fully integrate with the projects and schedules.

Product Upgrades

Get noticed

Premium & Feature Products

For as little as $1 per day, per product, you can boost your best-selling products to make sure users see them when it matters most. It’s instant and can done through your Brand Portal.

Easily Manage Products

Update products instantly

Brand Portal

Through our brand portal you can manage your products with no delay. Need to change an image or the lead time? Easy.

Affordable Advertising Options

Seriously, it’s affordable.

Compare & Save

Our advertising rates are significantly cheaper - whether it’s editorial, banners, content marketing, or upgrades.

Editorial Promotion

Linked directly to your products

Functional Editorial

With Programa, users will be able to learn more about your products, and with a few clicks, add your products directly to their schedules and moodboards.

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