RETROit Canvas Chair dark brown/lime

Multi-functional beanbag chair in Danish design

Always comfortable - for indoor and outdoor use.
The vintage RETROit is the only beanbag on the market where you can sit down holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other – and still sit comfortably!
With RETROit we have rethought the beanbag and designed it with two supporting chambers of beads, so you can sit down just like in a recliner.
Unlike a conventional beanbag the RETROit is structured, you will never have to shape it with your hands. And you will always feel comfortable sitting in a RETROit.
The RETROit Canvas is designed for indoor use. During stormy nights and rainy days it will make the perfect lounge furniture in front of the fire place. Use it in the living room, the children's room, in the lobby, or as collaboration chair, easy - MOVEit!

RETROit is made for continuous use. All materials are of the very best quality – a surface of hard wearing canvas 95% polyester, 5% cotton, a strong polyester under surface, YKK zipper and dimensional stable beads filling. Go on and have a seat!
@Functional design
Forget all about shapeless beanbags floating around on the floor. This product is care-fully thought out Danish design that not only looks good and is comfortable to sit in, but also keeps its shape. Form and function combined in one!
@Dimensional Stable
On the inside the RETROit beanbag is built up by two separate bags stuck together with Velcro. When you sit in one, the other is automatically pressed up to support your back. Brilliant!
@Handmade stitching
The beautiful handmade stitching around the edges makes every piece unique. The string is made from linen and gives the design an edgy look. It's the SACKit DNA!

The RETROit chair is also available for outdoor use. Compare different RETROit models

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Price RRP

$857 per Item

Lead Time

2 Weeks


H 700mm x L 800mm x D 960mm


8.00 kg


dark brown/lime

Country of Origin





canvas, jute, EPS, textiles


Filling: EPS beads Martindale: 20.000 rubs Lounge SACKit indoor Durable Functional design Dimensional Stable Handmade stitching Danish design locally finished canvas 95% polyester, 5% cotton dark brown/lime

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