18 July 2020

Coco Flip

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Products with personality.

Founded by Kate Stokes and Haslett Grounds in 2010, Coco Flip is built on it's nurtured and collaborative relationships with talented craftspeople who share the ethos of patience and dedication to detail.

Timelessness in design is often the most sought after but, when creating new products, how is this best achieved? Kate and Haslett of Coco Flip have built a brand offering timeless products through slow and considered sustainable production.

“We don’t release a product unless it is completely in line with our values”

Their ethos is to create quality products in collaboration with local craftspeople in small numbers, “we like to release one or two collections a year ideally, but only pieces that we truly believe in and we think add something to the current market. Our business is a very small, family business, and we like to keep it that way because it really enables us to ensure that all products are the best quality possible, and also that there’s a really low environmental footprint.”

Both Kate and Haslett view this mode of production in business as providing products with longevity, “we don’t release a product unless it is completely in line with our values. I think the thing that characterizes Coco Flip products is this thing of having that love of character and personality but also being designed for longevity and not for trend. It’s just finding that balance between those two elements and I think all of our products manage to do that. We firmly believe in buying less and buying well so we really wanted to instill that in our customers as well. We prefer they’re really happy with the one thing that they buy.”

On the international stage, the pair have experienced accalaids which celbrate the “kind of quiet confidence” they believe inherant to antipodean design. As part of the Australian design community, we belive “it’s in our nature to do something completely, by that we mean that when we do something, we do it well. It’s not half-baked. We have quite high expectations of ourselves. For better or worse.”

Ths year, the duo are celebrating 10 years in buisness. They are taking a moment to reflect on the last decade and are still keeping busy, recently opening a new showroom in Northcote. Open by appointment to the public, the new space to showcase products something new for the brand, “we were always in more of a working studio environment which was not really set up for public at all, so it will be really exciting to show people the products, ” says Kate. The pair have also just released a new website with branding by Jack End and are ready looking forward to cotinuing their collaborative and considered local approach.

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