18 July 2020


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Branding a building with signage or lighting is not a new concept. However, if an architectural statement or branding content on a building was clearly visible during the day, it may be lost at night among the urban environment without good lighting.

Until recently, large scale integrated lighting installation on buildings has been exceedingly expensive, limiting the availability of the technology.

They are the technology responsible for controlling some of the most spectacular light shows in Australia and around the world.

“Festivals like Vivid, White Night and Burning Man Festival all use their controllers”

JEM, Brisbane, by ENESS. Credit Tom Blachford

JEM, Brisbane, by ENESS. Credit Tom Blachford

Advatek, an Australian lighting company, have been designing and producing world-class addressable LED lighting control solutions since 2012. One of the main aims of the company is to provide a great quality product at a fraction of the cost, offering more accessibility. So, what does that actually mean they make? Most of Advatek’s products are never actually seen but they are the technology responsible for controlling some of the most spectacular light shows in Australia and around the world. Light festivals like Vivid, White Night and Burning Man Festival all use their controllers.

What Advatek manufactures are small black boxes which have the ability to send and receive programmed data to addressable LEDs. This data controls LED lights and results in visually stimulating, interactive environments. Think of it like a central switchboard that can be programmed to control the sequence and colour of lights turning on and off in your home but, on a massive scale.

The company’s latest release is a product focused on integrating interactive lighting into building facades and has some serious bang for buck, the PixLite Long Range System. Designed and made locally in Australia, the PixLite T8-S Mk2 has the ability to send data over 300 meters to the PixLite R2F-S/R4D-S receivers to control facade or internal lighting. In building terms, this could be from street level to above the 75th floor of a tower. Commonly the main controller will be installed in data racks on any floor and use standard Cat5 network cabling to communicate with their smaller counterparts near the LEDs.

An example of how this technology works can be seen in the Melbourne CBD atop of 101 Collins Street.The 57 level office building, designed by renowned Melbourne architects Denton Corker Marshall, is regarded as “timeless and iconic” in the books of skyscrapers. At over 60 meters high, its integrated lighting display can be seen not only from almost any suburb outside the city but also in the backdrop of the nightly news and is a landmark of the Melbourne skyline.

An example of the extreme potential of this technology can be seen off-shore in a lighting display orchestrated across a city skyline. Shenzhen, China, is known as one of the most futuristic cities in the world and this persona is reflected in the nightly LED light show that features across over 20 of the central district skyscrapers of Futian. The lighting display transforms buildings into large scale screens and depicts a show choreographed like something straight out of Blade Runner 2049. The video can be viewed here and is a must-watch if you haven’t seen it before.

The technology can also be integrated into commercial applications. Some overseas enterprises are using the PixLite Long Range System to assist with streamlining logistics fulfillment procedures within their warehouses. Advatek technology has been programmed to assist with way-finding, making the daily operation of sorting packages more time efficient.

JEM, Brisbane, by ENESS.

Down to the fine print and technical details, the PixLite Long Range System boasts the ability of each individual receiver unit servicing up to 2,040 pixel LEDs. This allows up to 16,320 individual RGB pixels (96 Universes of DMX data), to be addressed when a single system is maximised. There is no limit to how big your display needs to be because you can just keep adding more systems to your network. The product maintains the highest standards of quality and longevity while only being a fraction of the cost of other options in the market. The products have industrial grade fault protection on all inputs and outputs across devices in the professional range. The PixLite Long Range System comes with a 3 year warranty, RCM, FCC and CE marks; and is now in the final stages of achieving a UL equivalent certification (applicable in Canada and the US).

If you’re looking for long range Addressable LED solutions to integrate into a building facade or light a large space; a product at a competitive price with flexibility, reliability and quality, Advatek’s PixLite range is the place to start.

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