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2.1 Release Notes

All-new Shared Schedules, improvements, and fixes.

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The all-new Shared Schedules

The all-new Shared Schedules

What’s New in Release 2.1

It’s been four weeks since we launched Programa 2.0 and it’s been a busy few weeks for our engineering team. We’ve released dozens of improvements to Schedules, including sorting, searching, links, and several speed improvements.

Shared Schedules optimised for mobile

Shared Schedules optimised for mobile

Shared Schedules

With the launch of the all-new Programa 2.0 we introduced an entirely rebuilt engine for Schedules, including the Detailed View and Financial View. Now, we’re excited to release our new shared view of Schedules. This is a significant step towards improving the way designers collaborate and share information with their clients, builders, trades and project team.

Moving Schedules to the cloud is critical for reducing errors and eliminating version control problems – problems that literally cannot be solved with point-in-time static Excel and PDF exports. With Programa’s new shared view, your project team can only see the most up-to-date version of the Schedule. And to make this even more reliable, our PDF exports will always link to the shared view which means no matter which PDF version someone opens, they can simply click a link and be taken to the live up-to-date version.

For builders and trade, they’ll be able to access Schedules on their mobile phones and quickly and easily access the information they need when they need it, and you can relax knowing that they’ll only be able to see the latest version. And to make this even better, we’ll soon be releasing QR codes for each schedule which you can simply print and place around your building site.

We’ve got lots of exciting features planned for Shared View, there’s plenty more to come.

What’s Next?

We’ll be working on an exciting range of new features and improvements in November, including:

Pinboards – With more than 2,000 Pinboards now created and shared, we’ll be making improvements to make it easier to add, edit and arrange images, adding your company branding, and several other improvements.

Client Dashboard, Invoices and Payments – these new features are underway and will help designers create, manage and send invoices within a branded client dashboard, making it easy for your clients to engage with your studio. Your clients will be able to login to their client dashboard and see their Pinboards, Schedules, as well as their invoices and other documents.

Address Book and Schedules – due to popular demand we’ll be making improvements to the Address Book and integrating this with your Schedules. Once complete, you’ll be able to quickly add your supplier contact details to Schedules.

Quote Requests – As our first step towards building a set of tools to make it easy to request, manage and pay quotes, soon you’ll be able to send individual or bulk quotes directly from your Schedules, and be able to track who’s received them and who’s opened them from within your dashboard.

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